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AaramShop is your Technology and Business Partner. Our technology, both for the Smart Phones and for Laptops/ Desktops, helps you go Online. Now, whether you use a Smart Phone or Laptops/ Desktops, you can manage your store, market to your customers, and grow your business. Just download our AaramOn App on your Smart Phone and you can create your Online Store within 5 minutes. We have also created the AaramShop App for your customers to order from you.
All Grocery/ Kirana Stores, Chemists, Modern Stores can go online with the help of AaramShop technology. We have made the process of going online amazingly simple. Just download our AaramOn App on your Smart Phone, or go online and create your webstore.
Yes, we are here to help you in your Online journey. We have made the process very customer friendly. However, if you need any help, just get in touch with us. Our Channel team will help solve any problems that you may have.
AaramShop technology is designed such that you can go online seamlessly, without causing any disruption in your existing business terms with your customers. We have already incorporated elements based on research across multiple types of stores and their needs.
You can receive online payments through AaramOn. Once you have chosen the payment methods you accept, your customers will be able to pay you using all the means available including mobile money.
AaramOn will help you communicate with all your customers whose numbers you have stored in your Smart Phone. You can send them invites to download your App, or check your offers & deals, or reward them for loyalty.
You can make Discount Offers, Combo Offers, Overall Value Offers, and any other kind of Offer that you may want to create.
Yes, indeed. We have designed AaramOn as a complete business tool for you. You can call your customers or chat with them.

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